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Babe Nikki Benz Porn Pics Page 1 LiveJasmin

Nikki Benz Biography: When it comes to the business of porn, Nikki Benz is the consummate professional. Having shot steamy scenes for more than a decade, this bodacious babe has mastered the art of sex, giving the legendary blow jobs and epic titty fucks that have earned her elite status. It's clear from the way she struts on set that this gorgeous guru has a lot to teach the leagues of ladies eager to follow in her footsteps and become the next porn star legend. There is no "after porn" for this erotic entrepreneur, who intends on staying in the business in some capacity for as long as she can. She still shoots semi-regularly but lately she's been too busy with other erotic endeavors. When she's not fucking a big cock on camera, Nikki is heading up her own production company, making great content for her grateful viewers. Using all the knowledge she's gained as one of the best seductresses in the XXX industry, this busty beauty directs newbies and alumni alike, because everyone can learn something from this wickedly wise woman. Despite building her own company, travelling the world as an award-winning feature dancer, hosting reality shows, and performing for network television, naughty Nikki keeps those pussy muscles in tip top shape by doing a few scenes a month with her favorite co-stars. When you watch her films you can see how refined she's become over the years, proving that practice makes perfect, even when it comes to cumming. Her fans are so appreciative of her seasoned skills that they've developed a community, calling themselves the Benz Mafia and following her every sexy move. We dare you to binge watch all her steamy scenes, and see if you don't end up one of this don's loyal gangsters.

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